What we do

The Buhr & Team Akademie für Führung und Vertrieb AG has grown continually with its customers, the latest trends and current developments associated with marketing management. Making people more successful and taking companies forward as a result has been and is the stated aim of Buhr & Team. Here, the word "Team" stands not only for our trainers and employees, but also – and above all – for our customers.

In our CPD offerings, we place particular value on awareness-raising for "Customer 3.0", who represents a major challenge to companies due to his hybrid purchasing behaviour (online/offline). We use our expertise to prepare you for this, so that you can conduct your business profitably for the long term.

In management, too, the tectonic plates have shifted thanks to the ever-growing influence of Generation Y and Z. The demographic change is forcing companies to rethink their management strategies and to adapt to the spirit of the new age. We accompany and support you on this journey.

In addition to marketing and management training, presentations and seminars, our range of services also covers workshops and coaching, as well as events dedicated to your online and offline presence. Interval training and own CPD media support and expand on our work in the Academy. With this portfolio, we have attracted well-known companies from all sectors as clients.

The benefits for you

We offer you the right management and marketing solutions for every challenge your business is facing. In doing so, we orient ourselves not just to current cross-sectoral trends, but also – and naturally – to the best in our own profession, too. That is the only way for us to continuously improve and develop further, so that we can also train you using the greatest possible know-how and take you forward.

Our team of trainers offers a broad range of professional experience, enabling us to build a bridge between theory and practice: from understanding to implementation, from know-how to do-how.

Our CPD and training cover complex areas of knowledge, which we break down for you into compact learning and seminar modules, making the content readily accessible for your training participants. That way, we ensure that they can apply this learning directly in practice, so that capabilities are transformed into skills.

We are only ever satisfied if our work increases sales and revenues for our clients – because your success is what we aim for.

Foundation: 2006

Company domicile: Düsseldorf

CEO: Andreas Buhr

Head of Academy: Marion Dudla

Represented in: 10 countries, speaking 6 languages

Certificate: DVWO (based on ISO 9001)



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  • Keynotes
  • Seminars
  • Trainer school


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