Other trainers and network partners

„Everything we encounter leaves traces behind. Everything contributes imperceptibly to our education." (Goethe)


For over ten years, we have been working with partners and trainers who have accompanied and supported us on our journey to becoming Germany's leading training provider.

Where we see opportunities in this network for synergies as part of major projects with our clients, we are able to draw on a wealth of experience here in expertise relating to clean sales and clean leadership training. Do any of the names particularly catch your eye? Then please contact Kordula Ley about it, at k.ley@buhr-team.com


Agten, Karsten

Altmann, Gero

Alves, Mario

Arend, Siegfried

Baaz, Anita

Bellack, Udo

Bierod-Bähre, Sandra

Bremer, Andreas

Brenneisen, Udo

Busch, Hans-Lothar

Cordes, Christian

Deckers, Vera

Ebner, Berthold

Erberich, Melinda

Fest, Mark

Friedrich, Michelle

Gekeler, Oliver

Gellert, Ruth

Golla, Hans

Golla, Erhard

Grunt-Mejer, Michal

Heimlich-Kraus, Annette

Hellenbock, Tilo

Heppel-Nagel, Gabriele

Hinds, Nicole

Huyn, Gräfin Assunta

Janssen, Benedikt

Kaulitzky, Jochen

Kern, Michaela

Kleiner, Thomas

Kloep, Dr. Michael

Knüppel, Janine

Körner, Dr. Klaus

Kurzmann, Kerstin

Küsters, Dr. Sabine

Lünendonk, Jonas

Meissner, Sven

Merkl, Roxanne

Moser, Irmgard

Müller, Wolfgang

Neher, Volkmar

Nicolai, Julia Ann-Kathrin

Oster, Anja

Postel, Yves

Psaridis, Harald

Rau, Silke

Rettinghausen, Anna

Riedel, Viktor

Schmidtmann, Tim

Schmied, Rüdiger

Schnitzer, Sascha

Schorn-Weintz, Regine

Striebel, Bernhard

Sunitsch, Karl-Heinz

Thom, Anke

Unkel, Petra

Unsold, Türkan

Volk, Sonja

Voss, Doreen

Wagner, Sieglinde

Walz, Simone

Weber, Daniela

Weichl, Dieter

Willms, Sebastian