Sales management training

The most effective CPD in Germany 


Are you tasked with leading a sales team to success? Is it your job to ensure better results in marketing? If so, this CPD is practically tailor-made for you:

the customer is the only one contributing cash to a company. Today's customer has fundamentally changed his (purchasing) behaviour: he is the new expert, he often knows more than the seller, more than the sales manager, and often knows more than the company itself about its products and services. That changes everything.

On top of that, there is the imminent generational change in Germany's companies. Generation Y will soon make up the majority of earners in the employment market, and that will present those with management responsibilities with entirely new challenges. That's because the values, behaviours and aims of the generations are different.


Marketing management - it operates differently these days

Recognising this trend, shaping it and developing it, mastering the challenges of the market and from employee needs now and in the future, in order to remain successful - all that falls to you to accomplish! And if that's the case, this CPD for Sales Managers could also be just the thing for you! Our CPD offering, which is the most effective one currently available in the German-speaking area, develops precisely those people with management responsibility in Sales: entrepreneurs, managing directors, executive board members, directors, regional managers, sales managers, key account managers, and selected trainers. 

The aim of this intensive CPD course, arranged in a 3x3-day structure, is to train the skills and competences urgently needed for marketing and for the demands of the market nowadays. It's designed to maintain and improve your toolkit for mastering the challenges of the market! 


Benefits & investment at a glance


  • Optimum group size (max. 10 participants) for interactive CPD
  • Buhr & Team mentor programme and intermediate live online seminars to consolidate
  • the sustained learning process and for individual participant support
  • Exchange in the Buhr & Team Akademie network of experts
  • Practice-related content, for direct implementation
  • Marketing and sales support to enhance your individual career
  • Lifelong access to online training with Andreas Buhr
  • CPD programme with certification award, backed by the DVWO (Umbrella Association of Continuing Training Organisations)
  • Exclusive top experts in the team of trainers, working alongside and with entrepreneur, speaker and author Andreas Buhr
  • Inclusion in the communications distribution lists of the Buhr & Team Akademie


Investment:  € 13.770,-   

Services included:

  • 3 training modules over a total of 9 days 
  • Buhr & Team mentor programme 
  • Expert hotline 
  • Preparation and follow-up for training modules  
  • Meet & greet before the first module    
  • HR tools (MDI® TriMetrix, MSA®, 9Levels®) 
  • Live online seminars  
  • 6-part literature package 
  • Fixed rates for congresses (Akademie/hotel, incl. lunch) 
  • Training documents & working materials (handouts, training folder, flip-charts, etc.)


* The following services are not included in the fixed price: Outward/return travel and overnight accommodation

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ACPD structure and process


The Buhr & Team Akademie places great value on its long-term, practically-based interval training. In this CPD offer, you will attend a total of nine days as courses (three modules of three days), supplemented by additional, intermediate live online seminars and our online training programme. That way, we ensure maximum transfer into practice.



The Managers in Sales CPD was developed and devised by Andreas Buhr. The entrepreneur, speaker and author Andreas Buhr has over 35 years of experience to draw on, and with his daily work as owner of the Buhr & Team Akademie he stands as a guarantee of topicality and the greatest possible knowledge transfer.  In delivering this unique training for Managers in Sales, Andreas Buhr will be supported by a small and highly select group of experts.

Throughout the entire CPD offering, you benefit from our exclusive Buhr & Team mentor programme, where we are on hand to answer your questions via a one-to-one expert hotline.


Our project manager, Yasemin Özhan, would be pleased to assist you with personal information on the Buhr & Team CPD for Managers in Sales.  Contact her on +49 (0) 211 – 9 66 66 45 or send an e-mail to



Training modules

Marketing & Business

Before starting the first module, each participant receives his personal Insights MDI® TriMetrix assessment in preparation. This assessment shows you your detailed personality profile, using the preferred screening method at the Buhr & Team Akademie.

  • Digitalisation in marketing
  • Recognising and expanding own strengths (TriMetrix®)
  • Change management
  • Marketing today (online, offline, social media)
  • Hybrid communication, customer journey
  • Digital presence (website, SEO, SEM, Wikipedia)
  • Positioning and PR
  • Concentration on core business
  • Price trends: Knowing and using the language of the trade 
  • Practising handling objections, tools today
  • Self-marketing (portrait, online/offline presence, social media marketing)
  • Products (book, audio book, online programme), sales funnel
  • Pipeline management and forecast trends
  • Legal principles


Before the second module, each participant is provided with his motivation/structure analysis (MotivStrukturAnalyse, MSA® ) in preparation. You will engage with the questions: Who am I truly, and what do I want to achieve? What motivates me and other people? How do I take genuinely good decisions?

  • Events and conferences: Didactic approaches, methodology, structure
  • Impact and staging
  • Large and small stages
  • Storytelling
  • Use of media, presentation in selling
  • Infotainment
  • Dialogue, group dynamics processes (B2B, B2C)
  • Presenting (and selling) to committees
  • Creating an impact
  • Self-management and management in front of audiences
  • Concentrated relaxation and relaxed concentration
  • Emotional presence plus content substance
  • Recognising and promoting own motivation and motivation in others

Digital & Analog Leadership

In preparation for the third and final module in this CPD, each participant receives his 9-Levels® assessment: Learn which system of values informs your personality and how you can lead yourself and others successfully.

  • Digital Leadership, Digital Sales
  • Developing teams, organisations and businesses (9 Levels®)
  • ERP and CRM today
  • Methods in modern recruitment
  • Setting up and developing marketing/sales teams
  • On-boarding
  • Clean leadership programme
  • Improving performance and productivity in the digital age
  • Dialogue management
  • Characteristics of "winning teams"
  • Agile teams
  • Planning methods
  • Controlling and management using figures


Dates for Session 1


Module 1  06.-09.09.2018

Module 2  15.-17.11.2018

Module 3  24.-26.01.2019


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