Success for the ears – that's CoachCast® from the Buhr & Team Akademie


CPD and knowledge everywhere

Every issue of CoachCast® comes up with ideas on every subject relating to company management, business and marketing and successfully managing the private life of the (self-made) entrepreneur. Thus managers can take away key tips on managing and developing their employees, while sales staff learn how they can boost sales long-term – and stressed managers learn how to achieve strength for all areas of live through inner harmony. The range of subjects reflects the areas of focus in the seminars and training of the Buhr & Team Akademie.

Since 2008, we have been offering a medium, in the form of our CPD podcast, that has become ever more important over time. "CPD could not be any easier. With the CoachCast®, everyone gets motivation, information and coaching – bundled together and for free. It's our way of giving our listeners not only independent ideas and units of reflection for their own success, but also of offering perfect cross-connections to the Buhr & Team Akademie training offer, which is supported via multimedia over the long term," says Andreas Buhr, Chair of the Buhr & Team Akademie.


You can find episodes of our CoachCast® here (in German)


Episode 01   After Sales – Presales

Episode 02   Das Geheimnis exzellenter Führung

Episode 03   Das organisierte Ich – Stressfrei den Alltag bewältigen

Episode 04   Dem Kunden in den Kopf geschaut

Episode 05   Dramaturgie im Verkauf entscheidet

Episode 06   Entscheiden heisst sich trennen von Zweifeln

Episode 07   Fragen als Erfolgsinstrument

Episode 08   Haben Sie Ihren Kunden heute schon überrascht?

Episode 09   Kommunikation verbessern

Episode 10   Motivation durch Erfahrung

Episode  11   Rekrutierung von Vertriebsmitarbeitern

Episode 12   Sachbezogen verhandeln

Episode 13   Teamfuehrung ist Stimmungsmanagement

Episode 14   Verstehen und verstanden werden

Episode 15   VertriebsIntelligent handeln

Episode 16   Vor der Entscheidung

Episode 17   PINK WEEK – Interview mit Unternehmer, Redner, Autor Andreas Buhr

Episode 18   PINK WEEK – Interview mit Trainer Rüdiger Schrader

Episode 19   PINK WEEK – Interview mit Partner & Vertriebsleiter Sebastian Berg

Episode 20   PINK WEEK – Interview mit Senior-Trainerin Silke Dillmann

Episode 21   PINK WEEK – Interview mit Projektleiterin Yasemin Özhan


More episodes to follow shortly...