Training principles


We offer you the right management and marketing solutions direct – whatever the challenge your company is facing. We gear our work not just to current cross-sectoral trends, but naturally also to the best in our own profession.
Our experienced, internationally-configured team of trainers, specialising in management and marketing, offer a broad width of professional experience. That way, we build bridges between theory and practice: from understanding to implementation, from know-how to do-how.

CPD offers complex areas of knowledge that we break down for you into compact training modules to make the learning content readily accessible for your training participants. This enables us to ensure that they can apply this directly in practice, so that abilities are converted into skills. In our CPD offerings, we place particular value on using a wide variety of the latest training techniques and tools. Customer 3.0 is the new expert, challenging us to become better and to be state-of-the-art. Our training offers you the right answers to the questions and challenges of the new markets in the era of digitalisation.

From our training programmes on "Clean Leadership" and "Clean Sales", we develop the modular in-house training series to bring your company long-term success, working together with you to match this precisely to your company's needs.

First, we determine the precise need for action at management and marketing level in your company, and from the individual modules in our management and marketing training we define the content that is matched to your needs. These are assigned to individual training units with sustained teaching inputs – we refer to these as the training modules. A module comprises two training days for participants, a digital classroom, a training hotline, literature, the latest sectoral news and a live online seminar (four weeks after the two training days). Depending on the scope, the desired intensity and the objectives being pursued, the training can last from 18 to 48 months. The training is supplemented by the HR tools matched to the learning unit.

Four weeks after each training module, we refresh the training content learned during a live online seminar lasting around one hour. The first training module is usually launched with the entrepreneur, the company management, the divisional management, top managers and sales experts. These tiers need to convey the notion of change to the various employee levels to ensure that the training is a success. Put simply, if the management tier is on board, the training project is part of lived management, and the training is effective!




What happens in the practical analysis?

Working together with you, we determine the precise needs for action at the management and marketing level in your company.


When does the in-house training start?

Using the top-down principle, we launch the first training module with your company management, top managers and sales experts.


What form does a training module take?

The structure of the individual training modules is identical, regardless of how many training modules you book. A training module comprises: 2 training days, a digital classroom, live online seminar, training hotline, literature, and sectoral news.


What's the purpose of the live online seminar?

Four weeks after the respective training module, we refresh the training content learned using live online seminars.