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Certified training as a trainer is becoming increasingly important, because client companies have high expectations when it comes to the quality of the external or internal trainers they trust. And the trainer's responsibility towards the client - both the company and the individual participant - is a very big one. That's because CPD is the lever for recognising and bringing on talents, helping employees to perform better, and thus contributing to the company's success.

Do you have a specialist subject? A core competence? We support you in developing yourself to the point where your strengths and competences become visible, measurable and effective. Do you want to expand your strengths and give fresh impetus to your career? Then our certified trainer training is just the thing for you.


Benefits and investment at a glance


  • Optimum group size (max. 12 participants) for interactive training
  • Buhr & Team mentor programme and intermediate live online seminars to consolidate the sustained learning process and for individual participant support
  • Practically-based content, for direct implementation
  • Developing your own, individual practical project/trainer guideline, focussing on your own strengths
  • Marketing and sales support for your own career
  • Inclusion in the communications distribution lists of the Buhr & Team Akademie
  • Participation in Buhr & Team Akademie trainer days and boot-camps (special rates)
  • Optional: Direct entry into a career as trainer with Buhr & Team trainer support, following success in the examination


Investment: € 13.770,- *

Services included:

  • Your training: 5 training modules over a total of 14-15 days (including examination fee of € 750.– **)
  • Buhr & Team mentor programme
  • Trainer hotline
  • HR tools (Insights MDI® TriMetrix, MSA®)
  • Live online seminars
  • 5-part literature package
  • Meet & greet before the first module
  • Training documents & working materials (handouts, training folder, flip-charts, etc.)
  • Fixed rates for congresses (hotel/Akademie, incl. lunch)


* The following services are not included in the fixed price: Outward/ Return travel and overnight stays
** In the event of retaking an exam, the examination fees are again payable.

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What are your aims?


There are very different motivators for training as a trainer. But one thing is true for all participants, and it is one of the decisive reasons: expanding your own strengths, and the associated boost to your career. With this training, you can re-launch as an employed or freelance trainer, including in your own company.

Our participants are drawn from various fields: HR experts, heads of HR, managers and newcomers to training. All of you become one team with us, with one vision and the following aims:




Structure and process for trainer training


The Buhr & Team Akademie fundamentally builds on sustained interval training. This means alternating between sequences of attended courses and practicals. The knowledge transfer is further supported via intermediate live online seminars. The trainer coaching is structured as five training modules, each with a three-day attended event. This is supplemented with the live online seminars and the Buhr & Team mentor programme. 

In the mentor programme, an individual learning partnership between the coach and the participant is concluded for the duration of the full training. This covers, in particular, support with your individual practical project (including devising the training). Other aspects of the programme included in these discussions are personal specialist subjects and career development.


After completing the Buhr & Team trainer training, you are able to develop training events and seminars on your specialist areas and to deliver these for specific customers and target groups. Your talents are steadily developed, so that you can apply them to even better effect. You will learn to package your specialist knowledge in a way that means that future attendees at your training events will learn enthusiastically and transfer knowledge.



Our project manager, Yasemin Özhan, would be pleased to assist you with any specific information regarding the Buhr & Team trainer training. Call her on +49 (0) 211 – 9 66 66 45 or send and e-mail to


School moduls

Philosopher or limelight hog

We start with the trainer's own self-understanding. Here, we distinguish between the "Philosopher" and "Limelight hog" trainer types. What drives us, and why do we want to be professional trainers? How does the whole thing work? What role and importance attaches to communication in training, and what should a trainer be looking out for to get the message across well to those at his event?

  • Introduction to training
  • Everything about training as a career, personal motives/structure analysis using MotivStrukturAnalyse MSA®
  • Positioning I, communication, presence, image
  • Core competence in creating a training unit


Didactics & Methodology I

In this module, we roll up our sleeves and set to work. You become familiar with the techniques needed to use a variety of different teaching and learning methods for different objectives and clients.

  • How learning works
  • The basic structure of methods for trainers
  • The toolbox of methods for your practice (indoor & outdoor)
  • Forms of role-play, communications models for practice
  • Incorporating and evaluating experience-oriented learning projects in training
  • Carrying out training sequences independently
  • Incorporating devised content into your own practical project/trainer guidelines


Didactics & Methodology II

After completing Modules 1-3, you are independently able to "translate" any subject into a coherent training concept that engages its participants.  This is worked on very intensively in Module 3. In particular, we hone your individual practical project/trainer guidelines.

  • Practical project/Trainer guidelines: Instructing parts in the trainer role
  • Instructing groupwork and working with the results
  • Previous participants report on their experiences (own work in devising training, test situation, practical implementation etc.) and are available to answer questions.
  • Evaluation & transfer of training concepts
  • Developing a total training concept from individual learning units
  • Clarifying the order with the client, and putting bids together
  • Mentoring for your own practical project/training concept


Group management, moderation & marketing

In the final part leading into the exam, the focus is on equipping you with the tools for a successful career in training. For this, you need to have a defined subject area and need to take the right approach if you are to become noticed in the market and thus successful. It's important to us that you have the opportunity to develop your future specialist area and, with it, your individual training concept during our training, and to optimise it with the help of your mentor.

  • Seminar design (needs identification, structuring, implementation)
  • Personal preparation
  • Preparing the training
  • The trainer as entrepreneur (Positioning II, pricing, marketing)
  • Evaluation & transfer

DVWO-compliant practical exam

You will go into the examination with your written, developed practical project/trainer guidelines and present a sequence of your work, in the trainer role, to the examination board. During the examination phase, your training colleagues are your participants.

  • Performing the examination sequence for each participant
  • Immediate brief feedback from the examiner (detailed individual feedback by your mentor a few days later)
  • Written report/feedback from colleagues
  • Prospects
  • Awards and presentation of certificate


The Buhr & Team Akademie is DVWO-certified. This certification is built on DIN ISO 9001:2009, adapting and extending it to the conditions and specifications for training service providers.




Dates for the 10th session


Module 1  20.-22.09.2018

Module 2  15.-17.11.2018

Module 3  17.-19.01.2019

Module 4  21.-23.03.2019

Module 5  23.-25.05.2019


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